Bible League International
The Bible League International's Nepali translation of the Scripture is available to download for free. is selling Nepali Bibles on their website. Available on their website are printed versions of the Old and New Testament Bibles. If you put Nepali in the search engine, you will find tracts by Evantell and a ministry booklet by Fern Nichols. is selling the Dayasagar DVDs, the New Testament Bible (Nepali) and the Touch the World book.

The Holy Bible in Nepali
You can download for free the Bible in Nepali from Gospelgo website. There are also other gospel recordings that you can find on this website. There are some videos to watch on the website above.

Nepal Bibles
You may download the Nepali Bible here.

Nepali Bible
You can read the Old and New Testament Bible from this website.

Nepali Bible at
You can read online the Bible in Nepali language on this website.

Nepal Bible Society
The Nepal Bible Society (NBS) is a Christian organization. Its main function is to translate, publish and distribute Bibles and related materials and to make them available in different languages and dialects, formats and sizes to meet people's Scripture needs. It sells the Nepali Bible, New Testament, books, tracts, concordance, Children's Bible, Bible on dvd, Bible on a Sandisk, posters, and Audio New Testament.

Nepali Bibles at
If you are looking at Nepali Bibles (New Testament and Old Testament), visit Eden.

No Frontiers
You can search for Nepali Bibles, both Old and New Testaments, on this website.

Bible Society In the United Kingdom
The Bible Society is selling Nepali Bibles on their website. is selling two versions of the Nepali Bible on their website.

Trinitarian Bible Society
The Trinitarian Bible Society is selling the Nepali Bible and Nepali New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. Both are in vinyl cover.
Amazon is not a Christian bookstore but it sells a lot of Christian books. If you are looking for Nepali books or Bibles, you can visit Please put Nepali Bible or Nepali New Testament in the search engine.

Bible League Malaysia
Bible League Malaysia has the following Bibles: Nepali Whole Bible and Nepali New Testament. You can get these Bibles and other Nepali Christian books on their website.

MGL Multilingual[0]=Tract&product_type_23_Format[1]=Bible&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1
The MGL Multilingual is selling Nepali Bibles and New Testaments, Christian audio and tracts on their online store. Their products are available in different languages including Nepali.

Nepalese Literature
Nepalese Literature provides Christian literature in Nepali. They are distributing Bible booklets, gospel tracts and Bibles in Nepali.

Ethnic Harvest
You may download the Nepali Bible here, read the Nepali Bible online, listen to the Nepali New Testament in audio format, read a free Bible Commentary and find links to buy the Nepali Bible and New Testament.
There is a link to where you can buy the Jesus film, download a tract and listen to Thru the Bible radio in Nepali.

Nepal Christian Resources

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact