Chick Gospel Tracts
Chick cartoon gospel tracts are available in Nepali. Soul-winners in Nepali can get these tracts from their website. Some tracts are free and some are not.

Four Spiritual Laws in Nepali
The Four Spiritual Laws is a powerful evangelistic tract. It is now translated to Nepali. You can freely share this PDF of the Four Spiritual Laws to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and others if you want to reach them for Christ.

May I Ask You a Question? – Nepali Pack of 25
By Evantell
This tract presents the clear and simple Bad News/Good News method for sharing the gospel in Nepali. You can use this tract as a tool to help you remember the key points of the gospel as you share your faith with unbelievers.

Full Proof Gospel Ministries
Three Nepali gospel tracts are available on this website. You can download and share these tracts freely to others.

Here's Life
You can order Nepali gospel tracts at Here's Life.

Project Jagerna
Project Jagerna aims to preserve the pure Word of God for the Nepali-speaking people through translation, free distribution, and public proclamation of Christian literatures like gospel tracts. You will find the list of available tracts on their website.

Nepali Tract Directory
If you are looking for tracts in Nepali language, visit the World Christian Tract Finder and you will find a list of available Nepali tracts. The links on where to get the tracts are also on that website. On the home page, please click on Language and then click on N and then click on Nepali.

Abda Publications is producing and distributing gospel tracts in different languages including Nepali. Visit their website for the list of available Nepali tracts.

Fellowship Tract League
Nepali gospel tracts are available at Fellowship Tract League.

No Frontiers
No Frontiers sells Nepali tracts and evangelistic booklets.

Steps to Peace with God in Nepali
By Billy Graham
The Steps to Peace with God is a visually compelling tract that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that your friends and family can easily grasp.

MGL Multilingual[0]=Tract&product_type_23_Format[1]=Bible&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1
The MGL Multilingual is selling Nepali Bibles and New Testaments, Christian audio and tracts on their online store. Their products are available in different languages including Nepali.

Nepalese Literature
Nepalese Literature provides Christian literature in Nepali. They are distributing Bible booklets, gospel tracts and Bibles in Nepali.

Multi Language Media
Who is Jesus?
The Who Is Jesus is an excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book. It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. This tract is available in different languages including Nepali. You can get this Nepali tract from the Multi-Language Media website. Multi Language Media has Bible study courses, magazines, and dvds. It sells the Jesus film, God�s Story, books, Bible courses, and magazines.

Nepal Bible Society
The Nepal Bible Society (NBS) is a Christian organization. Its main function is to translate, publish and distribute Bibles and related materials and to make them available in different languages and dialects, formats and sizes to meet people�s Scripture needs. It sells the Nepali Bible, New Testament, books, tracts, concordance, Children�s Bible, Bible on dvd, Bible on a Sandisk, posters, and Audio New Testament.

Ethnic Harvest
You may download the Nepali Bible here, read the Nepali Bible online, listen to the Nepali New Testament in audio format, read a free Bible Commentary and find links to buy the Nepali Bible and New Testament.
There is a link to where you can buy the Jesus film, download a tract and listen to Thru the Bible radio in Nepali.

Nepal Christian Resources

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact